Are there any restrictions on how long someone has worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher?  

We invite Challenge proposals from individuals in their final year of graduate studies (MD and/or PhD), or those who have been working as a Postdoctoral Researcher within 5 years of receiving their advance postgraduate degree (MD and/or PhDby 31 December 2022, regardless of age 


Is published research in peer-reviewed journal articles required as part of the application?  

While we encourage participants to include their published research to demonstrate their contributions to science, it is not a requirement. 


Should I detail manuscripts in preparation that I anticipate publishing? 

No, please only include published, in press or submitted manuscripts that are in revision at a peer review journal.  


What supporting documents do I need to provide? 

Please refer to the guidelines document for detail on any supporting documents needed.  


Will I get feedback on my application? 

While candidates will receive confirmation on the outcome of applications, we will be unable to provide individual feedback on each application.  


Where will the Postdoctoral positions be located? / Is it possible to do the research at the university or lab where I am based now?  

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to conduct their research at one of AstraZeneca's leading R&D facilities for two years (with an option for a third year) to pursue and develop the creative research ideas they propose  –  fully funded by AstraZeneca. 


Will the Postdoctoral position allow for relocation for myself andmy family, if successful?  



What happens if I get awarded a Postdoctoral position? / What are the next steps in the employment process? 

If your proposal is successful and meets the requirements for a postdoctoral researcher position at AstraZeneca, the next step will be to complete the AstraZeneca employee screening process. 


How will mentors be selected?

Successful candidates will be assigned to an AstraZeneca mentor to best enable and develop the proposed research to meet the Challenge. An external academic collaborative mentor(s) can additionally be assigned as appropriate to the need of the scientific topic, contributing relevant expertise and knowledge to advance the research proposals. If you don’t currently have a relationship with a university, academic institution or other research organisation, we will support you with finding a relevant academic supervisor for your project. 






Veeva ID: Z4-42345 

Date of Preparation: March 2022