R&D Postdoctoral Challenge

Our aim at AstraZeneca is to transform the treatment of some of the world’s most complex diseases, with improved outcomes and a better quality of life for patients. 


We are always striving for new knowledge and the next breakthrough as we aim to create the greatest and swiftest impact on disease. That is why weve launched our R&D Postdoctoral Challenge  


In BioPharmaceuticals R&D, we want to change the lives of billions of people around the world who are trying to balance living their lives with the limits of living with chronic diseases, with a focus on cardiovascular, renal & metabolism, respiratory & immunology, and vaccines & immune therapy. Our ambition is to stop the progress of these often degenerative, debilitating, and life-threatening conditions, achieve remission, and one day cure them.  


In Oncology R&D, we are pushing the boundaries of science to change the practice of medicine and transform the lives of patients living with cancer, with the aim of eliminating cancer as a cause of death. Our approach is to identify and treat patients earlier in the progress of their disease when there is potential for cure, and to improve the treatment of relapsed or refractory patients by addressing emerging resistant populations, particularly in later stages of disease.  


Our scientists working in R&D within Alexion, AstraZeneca’s Rare Disease groupare discovering, developing and delivering medicines to transform the lives of people affected by rare diseases and devastating conditions. With a legacy rooted in being the first to translate the complex biology of the complement system into transformative medicines, we are driving innovative R&D across new disease targets and modalities, and evolving into new areas where there is great unmet need and opportunity to help people living with rare diseases to reclaim their lives. Our work is driven by a sense of urgency and a relentless quest to find new treatment options to build a better tomorrow for patients and their families. 


We’re opening our doors to final year MD and/or PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers, inviting you to propose your own innovative ideas that could help advance drug discovery and enable R&D to thrive. 


Shortlisted applicants will have the opportunity to pitch their research proposals later in the year to a world-leading judging panel consisting of AstraZeneca and external experts, with the potential to be awarded a fully funded postdoctoral position at AstraZeneca. 


If successful, you will join our vibrant scientific community, with access to the scientific expertise, compounds and novel tools and technologies, and mentoring support you need to turn your idea into reality.

BEFORE you complete your proposal it is essential that you read through the guidance and FAQs provided.







Good luck with your proposal!





Veeva ID: Z4-42345

Date of Preparation: March 2022


Final late submissions being accepted
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